Reject Warren Morgan: He has no place in our Labour Party

Greg Hadfield
2 min readJun 28, 2020


Warren Morgan, the Change UK candidate who stood against Labour in the 2019 European Union elections, wants to be a Labour Party member.

Fortunately, as a proven liar — who falsely accused a Labour member of “spitting” at the Brighton and Hove City Party AGM in July 2016 — Morgan has failed in his attempt to rejoin. So far!

Not least because he quit the party in February 2019 within hours of a still-unresolved complaint against him being formally accepted by Labour Party officers (albeit nearly three years after the complaint was initially made to — and repeatedly ignored by — former general secretary Iain McNicol).

Nevertheless, Morgan — who once had to apologise after libelling a Jewish citizen in Brighton as a “holocaust denier” — is begging his coterie of anti-Corbyn diehard supporters to support an appeal against his failed attempt to rejoin our party.

Even though party rules state this cannot even be considered until the outstanding complaint is resolved.

Many of us support Lloyd Russell-Moyle, (Morgan’s local Labour MP, for Brighton Kemptown), and Colin Piper (chair of Brighton Kemptown Constituency Labour Party), in their opposition to his re-admission.

If you are a Labour Party member and agree there is no place for Morgan in today’s party, please send your opposition to his appeal to and quote reference A712050. [UPDATE: emails to the official email address result in an auto-reply; emails should perhaps also be addressed to]

It will help if you can also quote your Labour Party membership number. And if you can bcc

You may wish to remind yourself of Morgan’s “spitting” lies, the complaint by Matt Tully, the young party member he falsely accused, and how he stood against Labour in the 2019 European Union elections.

Many thanks,

Greg Hadfield

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